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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crew?  

Crew is an exciting sport involving skill, strength, coordination and endurance.  Westfield boats consist of eight rowers with a coxswain, and require incredible team work. High school races are typically 1500 meters in length.

What is Westfield Crew?  

Westfield Crew is a co-ed, competitive rowing program that is considered a high school club sport.

When is the crew season?  

The official crew season coincides with the high school spring sports calendar (generally beginning in mid February and running through the end of May). The varsity rowing season may extend into June. The team offers winter conditioning to prepare athletes for the official season. Winter conditioning usually starts in December and runs until the official start of the season. Athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in winter conditioning. 

Where does Westfield practice and compete?  

Winter conditioning is held at Westfield HS and/or Cub Run Rec Center. Official crew season practices are held at Bull Run Marina (Clifton) which is approximately 25-30 minutes travel time from Westfield. Regattas (official competitions) are typically at Sandy Run Regional Park in Fairfax Station. We also compete on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in the District.  

How do the athletes get to Bull Run Marina?  

We rely on parent drivers to carpool the athletes from WHS to Bull Run Marina. Carpools pick up in front of the school at 2:30 pm. Student drivers are able drive themselves to practice.  

My parents work and will not be able to help carpool, can I still participate?  

It is very helpful if all parents of students who are not able to drive themselves share driving responsibilities. If you are not able to drive yourself arrangements may be made with a student driver to provide a ride and to have you donate toward the gas. Students whose parents cannot drive during the week may opt to drive to practices and regattas each weekend.  

When and how long is practice?  

Practice usually runs from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm but can vary according to coaching schedules/rower placement/etc. Athletes practice Monday – Friday afternoons including Saturday mornings until regattas start. Regattas usually take place on Saturdays.  

Missed practice?  

Crew is the ultimate team sport and requires nine athletes for each boat. Missing practice hurts your entire boat. Each athlete is expected to manage his/her academics so that he/she can commit to attending practice with few exceptions. Commitment includes spring break, as Westfield Crew practices most days and expects attendance by all athletes.

How much does Crew cost?  Why is there a cost?  

Crew is a club sport in Fairfax County and receives no funding from the county. Westfield Crew dues are approximately $600-655. Additional charges include a one-time expense for the uniform approximately ($100) and annual winter conditioning fees (~$105).  Westfield Crew is able to keep participation costs low through successful fundraising and  participation by all student athletes and their parents.

Am I required to participate in the fund raising activities?  

Westfield Crew encourages 100% participation by athletes and their families to ensure that fundraisers achieve maximum success.   Crew has participated in a letter writing campaign at the start of the season, a Basket Bingo event in the winter and mulch spreading campaign in the spring. Throughout the year other opportunities are offered from car washes to volunteer work at regattas. Fundraising is a great opportunity to get connected with the team, we welcome families to help at any event and express new fundraising ideas.

Can I earn a Varsity Letter?  

Crew is recognized as a varsity sport and athletes can letter.  

Are inexperienced rowers welcomed?  

Crew is a sport most students have not had an opportunity to try until high school, therefore most athletes come in as “novice” rowers.  During the summer and fall some students participate in a “Learn to Row” class offered at both Bull Run Marina and Sandy Run Marina.  This gives students an opportunity to try crew, but it is not required.  

Where can I learn more about Westfield Crew?  

  •  Stop by the Westfield Crew booth at the Bulldog BBQ shortly before school starts.
  • Watch this site for more open house dates and fall interest meeting dates
  • Send your e-mail address, name and grade to begin to receive e-mails from Westfield
  • Crew: info@westfieldcrew.org
  • Send questions to info@westfieldcrew.org