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Sandy Run Regatta FAQ

Click the following links for helpful mapsSandy Run Marina Map & Overview of Sandy Run Regatta Race Course


Is there a fee to come to the regattas?

There is a $20 (Cash Only) parking fee per vehicle. Please car pool and save money.

Can I park anywhere when I come to a regatta?

Please follow the parking directions. There is no parking along the road in the neighborhood.

How much time should I allow to get to the grandstands?

You should give yourself an hour before your rowers race to be safe. You will have to wait for the money collectors and wait to be parked. After you park you will have to find your way to C lot to walk the trail or take the shuttle to the grandstands. Later in the day it may even take longer if you are parked in the outer lots that require you to take a shuttle or walk to the main park.

How is the parking money used?

Half of the money goes to the Park Authority that helps cover services and staff throughout the year. The other half goes to the regatta sponsor to cover their expenses.

Do rowers have to pay to park?

Everyone has to pay, unless you are Sandy Run staff, regatta staff, officials or coaches. We encourage car pooling as much as possible.

Do I have to pay the fee to drop a rower off?

Inform the money collector that you are dropping a rower off. They will collect the fee from you and give you a drop off ticket. You will have 30 minutes to drop off your rower. Stop at the money collectors on your way out and give them the ticket to receive your money back.

Where do I drop my rower off if I’m not staying?

After the money collectors, you will follow Van Thompson Road into the park. Inform the parking crew that you are dropping off a rower and they will direct you into C lot where you will drop off your rower and then exit the lot. It is too busy below that point with pedestrians, rowers and boats for you to go any further.

If I need to leave the regatta and come back, do I have to pay again?

Please let the money collectors know that you are leaving and coming back. They will issue you a ticket to re-enter.

Is there a discount for car pooling?

Team buses and team vans with seating for 12 or more do not have to pay the parking fee.

Are there shuttles from the parking lots?

Shuttles for certain lots at the Sandy Run onsite parking are provided by the regatta sponsors at no additional cost (other than the $20 Cash parking fee). Some of the lots have trails and may require walking. When parking at Sandy Run is full, vehciles will be redirecged to off-site satellite parking about 4.5 miles away across the Occoquan at the Old Bridge and Route 123 Commuter Lot. VASRA posts parking updates on twitter at so you can know in advance if onsite parking is full. Shuttles from the satellite parking lots are $5/person Cash Only (you are allowed to drop off passengers first at the Sandy Run entrance if you would like). Satellite parking can add 30-40 minutes on to the time time it will take you to get to the grandstands and watch the race.  Please plan accordingly.  

Click the following links for helpful maps: Sandy Run Marina Map & Overview of Sandy Run Regatta Race Course

Is there a shuttle from the Loisvale lot?

That lot is close to the park and there are trails to get to the main park. Please use the trails and stay off of the roads. Vehicles will be going in and out of that lot and it is not safe to walk the road.

How do I get to the grandstands?

There is a trail that can be walked from the C lot. The trail follows the contour of the land and has hills. When you come to a "T" in the path you will go left to the grandstands (about .6 miles) and if you go right that will take you to the lower boathouses (about .4 miles). DO NOT WALK ON THE ROAD TO THE GRANDSTANDS! There is also a shuttle van that runs to the grandstand from C lot, provided by the regatta sponsor. 

What time will the shuttle to the grandstands start?

The shuttles start running 45 minutes before the start of the first race.

Is there a fee for the grandstand shuttle?

There is a fee each way (usually $3 Cash). The money collected helps off set the rental and gas of the vans.

How far of a walk is it to the grandstands if I don’t take the shuttle?

When you come to a "T" in the path you will go left to the grandstands (about .6 miles) and if you go right that will take you to the lower boathouses (about .4 miles). You will want to wear good walking shoes.

Why can’t we drive to the grandstands?

There is no parking. The one lane road to the grandstands is just for the two vans that go back and forth and is unsafe for any other vehicles.

Do you have handicap parking accommodations?

We have handicap parking spaces in C lot (close to the trail and shuttle) and in D lot (across from trailer parking).

I’m in a wheelchair, how do I get to the grandstands?

A regatta staff member can drive you over to the grandstands. If you have a special wheelchair vehicle, you will need a "special permit". To get a "special permit", PLEASE CONTACT THE REGATTA SPONSOR TO OBTAIN A "SPECIAL ACCOMODATION FORM" PRIOR TO EACH REGATTA. Follow the instructions of the parking staff to follow the shuttle van over to the grandstands.

How do I get my elderly parent, who can’t walk well, to the grandstand?

A park staff member can drive your elderly parent over to the grandstands if they can’t walk from the shuttle drop-off point to the grandstands. When you get to the shuttle, please ask a regatta volunteer to call the park services to arrange a golf cart to drive you from the shuttle drop off to the grandstand.

Why are pets banned from the park on regatta days?

Pets have been banned because of dog fights, bites, dog defecation and tripping rowers as they carry expensive shells.

Is food sold at regattas?

The regatta sponsors typically provide grilled foods, snacks and drinks as a fundraiser.