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Saturday Regatta: April 2

posted Apr 1, 2016, 4:24 AM by WCBC Webmaster   [ updated Apr 1, 2016, 4:25 AM ]
1. Carpools and Drivers please note that Friday's drop off is Bull Run but pick up is at Sandy Run. Rowers will row down during practice. Student drivers please remember to talk to each other and make arrangements to leave some cars at Bull Run and some at Sandy Run and shuttle each other back and forth.

2. Pre-Regatta Dinner is at St. Andrews Church, immediately following practice. See previous emails for what you are responsible for bringing. Food should be dropped off at the church by 5:30. Rowers this is a fun time to hang out with your friends and get a good carb load dinner in before race day!

3. Regional Park Regatta Saturday. Finalized schedule will be sent out tomorrow. Anticipated arrival time for rowers is approximately 10:30. The 8s will be racing after the break for this regatta. Please check tomorrow for more precise report times and for the time your race is scheduled. Parents, please not these times are subject to change and their can often be delays due to weather, or other disruptions on the course.

4. Regatta information for rowers and spectators: please keep in mind that parking is tight, arrive early. There is a fee for parking. I believe it is $15.00 per car again this year. Please have cash available.

Rower Drop Off: 

Rowers that are being dropped off must be dropped off at the Van Thompson lot (the lot next to where the money collectors are collecting money for parking).  There will be a free shuttle running from that lot to the "C"

For spectators, there is about a 1 mile walk down a hilly trail from the parking to the grandstands. Please allow time to get from the parking to the grandstands. Wear comfortable shoes for walking the trail and dress in layers as it will be cold in the morning and rain is in the forecast. A van is available for $2 per ride if needed. When the lower parking fills, you may have to  park in an overflow lot that will have a shuttle to the trail. Again, allow plenty of time.

There will be t-shirts, food and drink available by the boathouses and by the grandstands.