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All crew parents are needed to keep the team running.  Because this team is supported exclusively by the members and fundraisers, we couldn't do it without YOUR help.

Parents of crew members are involved in the following ways:

  • Transporting athletes to/from practice
  • Volunteering at VASRA races (March-May)
  • Participating in major fundraisers
  • Helping out with pre-regatta dinners
  • Spending 3-5 hours every Saturday from late March to Mid-May cheering the team on
  • Helping out with boathouse projects at the marina
  • Helping/leading volunteer efforts
For more detailed information about volunteer expectations, please review this Volunteer Presentation.

Volunteer Points Program

The Volunteer Points Program ensures that all members are involved in the work that supports crew, and the burden of volunteer work is shared.  Each athlete will earn points for time volunteered by themselves and their families.  There are point requirements in order to stay involved in the team.  More information about this program can be found at Volunteer Points Program.