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Volunteer Points Program

Starting in 2015, there is a Crew Volunteer Program in which all athletes and their families will participate.  A Presentation of Program Details provides further information.

The program ensures that all families are involved in the work that supports crew, and the burden of volunteer work is shared.  Each athlete will earn points for time volunteered by themselves and their families.  There are point requirements in order to stay involved in the team.   

The Points Matrix lists all volunteer opportunities and the points associated with them.

Volunteering in Westfield crew has been formalized for several reasons.
  • To improve the experience for our student athletes by engaging the untapped talents of more of the parents and friends of participants.
  • To combat the 80/20 challenge so common in large volunteer-run organizations--80% of the work is often done by 20% of the people.
  • We want the team to grow, and we'll need to increase the support structure in order to make this happen.